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Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law   

Tat Savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyoyonah prachodayat
parorajase savadom

Jatavedase sunavama somam
aratiyato nidhati vedaha
Sa nah parsadati durga naveva sindhum duritatyagnih

Tryambakam yajamage Sugandhim pushti vardhanam
urvarukameva bandhanat mrityor muksiya mamritat


This mantra, I used in the 3 meditations of the yantra associated with Tripurasundari,
is a powerfull tool indeed.  It begins with the Gayatri mantra, preparing one
for the influx of Tripurasundari, which takes a suprising form, the arrangement made (by me ?)
of the Dasha Maha Vidyas places this form of Sakti in the position of Binah, and Chokmah from the
opposit point of view, verifying for me the arrangement of the first three of the Dasha (Dasa) Maha Vidyas
in this arrangement.

Moving slowly, I will now begin the invocation of Liber Samekh adjusted to my situation from
the standpoint of Frater Rishon Riza, to attain a direct conduit of all three of my natures.
I do not know what form this will take, but the tarot reading executed on the carrying out
of this arrangement of ritual says to me to continue, but with patience and awareness of any deception.

The text of Liber Samehk that I will use is the same that was published in Magick in Theory and Practice,
the very first work on magick that I ever owned.  I found it reproduced, along with Liber VIII in
PDF form and decided to make this text available here.

file:///C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator.HYPERION/My Documents/My Webs/myweb4/Zodar/PDF/liber800a.pdf 

I never came to understand its import until pursuing the above meditations on the Maha Vidyas,
and at the same time pursuing the Gospel of Phillip and the Gospel of Mary Magdelene,
Jean Yves Leloup's translations and commentary and Joseph Rowe's translation of
Leloup (the original translations are in French).

Love is the Law, Love under Will


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