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KrÓm KrÓm KrÓm hŻm hŻm hrÓm hrÓm DakshinÍ K‚like
KrÓm KrÓm KrÓm hŻm hŻm hrÓm hrÓm sv‚ha


"Everything you know is wrong" - Wierd Al Yankovic

Things I have discovered as the effects developed from the use of the above mantra during meditation, 
and a study of the Book of Enoch as translated by Richard Laurance, along with other ancient
philosophies recorded by the early Jews (Book of Giants, Book of Adam and Eve, etc...)

Looking back into the past it seems that all philosophies and religions hark back to an earlier philosophy which
on the surface seems to be opposed by current thoughts, ideas and practices.  Bits and pieces can be 
found in many writings, dealing with Gnosticism and early religions.  As opposed to being heresies to be
ignored for fear of damnation when taken together a picture is formed of a cosmology  which
explains much as to the current state of the cosmos.

The teachings of the Yezidis of Kurdistan contains a complete cosmology which I believe holds the key, the basic
understanding needed open the doors to a true understanding of the universe, and why we are
where we are.  These ancient teachings can be found at

Also of note are the teachings of Gnostic sects, the Manichaean writings, the writings of the Cathers of France,
and perhaps many many others I have not discovered as of yet.  These can be found, along with much of value,
at .

I leave it to the reader to follow form their own opinions from these works, but I will tell you that
the understanding came to me after meditation, these are "principles" that cannot be communicated
directly, and must be found by the work of the individual, that is you.

Frater R.R.


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